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It's August 1, 1977! Hogwarts is still closed to everyone! We have blue skies and it's surprisingly warm. So everyone should go out and enjoy the nice fresh air while we still can. Shops will be open soon so students may purchase their supplies
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 Aurore Violet Nichols

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Aurore Nichols

Aurore Nichols

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PostSubject: Aurore Violet Nichols   Mon Jan 23, 2012 12:04 am

Picture of your Character[/center]

General Information

Full Name:Aurore Violet Nichols
Date of Birth: Feb 20,
House: ravenclaw
Year: 5th Year
Blood Status: half blood
Play by:Camryn Grimes

Hair Color:Her hair is reddish brown.
Eye Color:green eyes
Body Type: She is some what thin and looks some what sick looking.
Distinguishing Markings:She has scars on her back , legs and stomach so speak and one on ankle.
Dress Style:She wear clothes some what elegant and some what nice. She is known to wear some comfortable.

u]Personal Description[/u]

Quirks:She is know to bite her lips or her tongue.
Likes:She like books.She likes boys, She also likes apple juice.
Dislikes:She has a disliked for her father.She has disliked that of the boring books. She does not care for math either that one thing she disliked as well.
Strengths:She has be good in the potion class as well charm class. History of magic she has done quiet well at as good. She is exceedlying at the transformation class turnning object into animals. She has is known to be good at animals seemed to liked her alot.
Weaknesses:She struggle in ancient ruin class as well as making friend it is struggle for her.

Personal Information

Father:Augustus Kit Argid was a muggle who was born in Canda he had job liked any muggle who work at book store. The store had tons of muggle books that people read and such things.When he found out that her daughter was born he went completly mad or crazy. He start to beat the crap out of her daughter. Other then that he did not take being part witch real well.
Mother:Lucretia Dark Nichols was purblood witch that born in England and they decide to take a vacation. They went to a vacation and when she went back to England to go school. She had so much fun and she decide to explore a bit of the country. Then she meet her father and while this was going on. The two married and well she did not do anything to help her.
Step father:Arcus Sand Nichols was pureblood wizard after her father decide to go for a walk. Some how he made him disappear his body was never found to say the least. But with him she remarried and with him they moved back to England.And with her step father the both became close.
Half sister:Bertha Joy Nichols was pureblood witch that was just witch from the women.
Personal History: She was born in Canada to Lucretia. She had no idea she was half blood witch till her magic and accident magic start happening. Her father would beat her but when she was not in hospital in canada from being hit. Then one day she was beaten so roughly she splat the house apart. Neighbor saw this look at it in shock mainly that. Her mother of course did nothing. Her father had convince her that she was the devil and such thing.When her mother remarried she witness something a death of her father that was kill by her father. It was durring one of her father beating that this happened that he defend her. She was nearly dead and brought back to the house and he help heal her. Together there relationship was close and such things. The two became close and together they convince to moved back to England. She had was some what happy with that. She soon came to age to be at hogwart a note was sent by owl to her. Since she came to age and together she happy went to hogwart. Her mother was some what happy and with the class she learn to control the magic and she became dork. Before her father died she was going to sunday school learning about god and that magic was bad. But then she quiet smart in muggle studies and other subjects. She often is not found without her book she is known as bookworm.So far she has yet to make any friends though she enjoy the books she might later on down the road who know she keep her eyes open for her friends. As for her half sister might join her later on when she get of age. When she become age her step father bought her owl and cat.
Pets: She has name Socks. And owl name Oscarlet
Wand:11 inches Maple,Phoenix Feather

RP how you got your letter:Last night she lay asleep in the bed and she lay in the bed. She slowly woke and heard her father. "Aurore." She came down and went to eatting some food. She came down stairs and went to eating breakfast. She start to eat some food and as she munching on the food so speak. Then she heard the taping on the window. Her half sister open the window and when it came she let out squeal as she saw her sister."Aurore come here quick." Her sister race upstairs. There was piece of paper lay on blank sheet.
Dear Aurore Nichols

It has come to are attention that your family has moved back to England.Well that and the family as well. We invite you to join are school and the rest of the family. And not to worried the books will be acceptable.We hope you come to join us and your family to the school.You shall be entering your fourth year of hogwart we asked that you get your forth books.We hope to meet you soon.

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James Potter
James Potter

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PostSubject: Re: Aurore Violet Nichols   Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:38 pm



James || 17 || Lily I love you

I love you with all my heart and soul
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Aurore Violet Nichols
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