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It's August 1, 1977! Hogwarts is still closed to everyone! We have blue skies and it's surprisingly warm. So everyone should go out and enjoy the nice fresh air while we still can. Shops will be open soon so students may purchase their supplies
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 Silvia Tily Stinton

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Silvia Stinton

Silvia Stinton

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PostSubject: Silvia Tily Stinton   Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:37 pm

Silvia Tily Stinton

General Information

Full Name: Silvia Tily Stinton
Nicknames: None at the moment
Age: 17
Date of Birth: Febuary 2
Gender: Female
Orientation: Hetrosexual
House: Gryffindor
Year: 7th Year
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Play by: Minnie Driver


Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light brown
Height: 5'10
Body Type: She's very skinny with long limbs
Distinguishing Markings: None, though she generally has a couple of bruises in the summer.
Dress Style: She dresses comfortably in jeans or sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Personal Description

Quirks: She bites her lip when she's emotionally hurt, and plays with her hair when she's embarrassed.
Likes: Water (both in the sense of swimming and drinking), flying, animals, and people who are brave. Sirius.
Dislikes: Her sister; her father (both); people who are rude or mean; and, often times, herself.
Strengths: She's very compassionate, and will put her life on the line to protect those she cares about. She's quite intelligent, and is good with animals. She doesn't mind getting in trouble, though she does try to avoid it, and always speaks her mind. She's very brave.
Weaknesses: She doubts herself a lot, and can be rather depressed at times. Also, she doesn't always think before she acts. Also, she's physically weak.

Personal Information

Birth Father: Tom Riddle (AKA, Voldemort)
Step-Father: Joshua Stinton
Mother: Isabel Stinton
Identical Twin: Synthia Stinton

Personal History: Her mother had been much like her, extremely compassionate and not afraid to speak her mind. She was a muggle with parents who couldn't afford to have her, and so had grown up at an orphanage. There was a boy there, Tom Riddle, who had bullied a friend of hers when she was 17. Furious, she confronted him about it. He'd tried to blow her off, but she hadn't left. Later that summer, he'd brought her up to a cave. She'd been quite brave, but the trek had even terrified her. When they arrived at the cave, Riddle raped her. Her mother became pregnant. She refused to get an abortion, for she wanted to see the children-she could not believe that they were cruel, like Riddle. However, she was almost eighteen, and by the time she'd had Synthia and Silvia, the Orphanage had kicked her out since she was legally an adult. She had no money, and could not afford to raise the twins. However, she did not want them to have to grow up in an orphanage as she did, so she hurriedly married a wealthy man. However, he was not remotely kind to her, or the kids. In fact, he abused them all. However, her mother did her utmost to protect her daughters. However, when Silvia was eight, her mother died in a car crash on her way back from work. The abuse from their stepfather grew, as their mother was no longer their to protect them. Silvia took the brunt of the attacks to protect her sister, who let her. Silvia soon started looking for their birth father, in hopes that he could come and claim them. Though she was aware he'd raped their mom, she was young and didn't truly understand what that meant. So she assumed he must be better than Joshua. However, she could find nothing about him until she went to Hogwarts. There she found it in a book-Tom Riddle was Lord Voldemort. When she figured out who this was, she was thoroughly depressed, and went to her sister. Though they'd never been close, she'd hoped that her sister would at least sympathize with her. On the contrary, Synthia was thrilled. She'd become obsessed with power and thought this meant she had a head start on the way to getting it.

Pets: A stray cat that she took in named Bandit.He's white with black spots, one of which is over his eye. He's really sweet most of the time, but will ferociously attack anyone who harms it, or Silvia.
Wand: Ivy wood, 11 2/3 inches, hippogriff talon
RP how you got your letter: Silvia sat in her room early in the morning. Her father had just left and she was nursing her arm, which felt almost broken. She was sure it wasn't, but she'd probably end up with a large bruise. The sun was just rising when she heard tapping at her window. She looked up and discovered with a frown of confusion that it was an owl. She expected for it to just fly away, but it continued to struggle to get through her window. Silvia jumped up to open it, both not wanting her dad to come back up and accuse her of not being able to sleep, or the bird to hurt itself. The owl immediately flew onto her bed and stuck out it's leg at her. He confusion deepened when she saw a scroll of parchment attached to it. The bird hooted and shook it's leg at her. Silvia hurriedly took off the paper-for that was clearly what it wanted-and hoped it would be quiet. Luckily, it complied to that wish as it let it's leg fall back down to support his weight. She looked at it a moment longer before unrolling the parchment and reading what was written inside. Her confusion deepened when she read about her and Synthia being invited to Hogwarts School for Witches and Wizards. She flipped the paper to find an explanation attached, which explained that she was magical-a witch. She frowned slightly, unsure if she believed it. But then again, who'd bother to lie to her about it? It wasn't like she had any friends, and her father and sister had no sense of humor. Plus, she had noticed odd things that tended to happen around her-her wounds tended to heal quicker than was natural, and her father would totally forget he meant to punish her, and other things like that. Besides, what was the worst that could happen? Nothing could be worse than this place. She looked at her door, and nodded in agreement with herself before tiptoeing over to Synthia's room to show her the letter.

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James Potter
James Potter

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PostSubject: Re: Silvia Tily Stinton   Tue Feb 07, 2012 10:19 pm



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Silvia Tily Stinton
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