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It's August 1, 1977! Hogwarts is still closed to everyone! We have blue skies and it's surprisingly warm. So everyone should go out and enjoy the nice fresh air while we still can. Shops will be open soon so students may purchase their supplies
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 Drusilla Tobias Forman

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Drusilla Forman

Drusilla Forman

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PostSubject: Drusilla Tobias Forman   Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:36 am

Drusilla Tobias Forman
General Information

Full Name:: Drusilla Tobias Forman
Date of Birth: May 31
Year: 6th Year
Blood Status: Half blood
Play by:Skyler Samuels


Hair Color:Blond hair with hint of small reddish hair
Eye Color:Sky blue eyes
Body Type:Her body is somewhat thin and short and a bit malnurturish looking.
Distinguishing Markings:She has burn place on her hand.She has injure mark on her leg and scar place on her back.
Dress Style:She is known to wear things that cover her body everything up. Include her arms on the summer time that what her parent buy her. Other time when she is at home she is known to wear elegnt stuff that is elegant but yet sexy in some aspects out of public eye.

Personal Description

Quirks:She tend to be silent around people thinking and is very shy around new people. But sometime when adult talking to her they get feeling that she is not listening when in fact she listen to some aspect of the conversation if some stuff not interesting enough she start to daydream so she basicly hear what she want hear and does not hear what they say.
Dislikes:Bullies,fire,bored books
Strengths:She is some what good at potions and charms. She is quiet smart when it comes to magic. She is also rather good stealing as well.
Weaknesses:herblogy and Defend against the darkart. She has hard time making friends.

Personal Information

Family:Mother witch name Agatha Forman, Father muggle name Augustus Forman

Personal History: Drusilla Forman was born to Agatha was witch and Augustus was muggle. For while Agatha was pretending to be muggle for longest time. She found this man who seemed interest in her when she thought was muggle. That change when she gave birth to Drusilla when she got older her magic start to developed when she was about eleven year old they where visiting the pet store and she made glass disappear from the snake cage and it got out of cage. It was scare for her as well she up on some stuff it was out cage.

Her father was so steaming mad at her and that was when abuse start with slapping her knock down when she was at home. Then the next thing happened she was abuse her. One day he burn his tost and she was blame for that so he grab hand and burn them.And yes it hurt liked hell and then finally he was laying she had hallucination or vision one say or dream. She dream that she would died if she stay here in the year to come that she need to escape from them. But when this happened she stolen a few bit food and whatever they would not notice was gone there was forest out in the back and that she was not allow to go into. She decide to take her chance within the forest and so she start to head within the forest she had some supplies in backpack and such things.

She was able to avoid some werewolf by sure lucky that is but she found herself within the shrieking shack and there no one dare look in there and the werewolf did not go in. But had out wit made them think she went another way by throwing one thing in backpack and it went that way. She got out there not wanting to be found by her parents there she continue to moved around and stealing till she got letter that from hogwart a stray cat accompany her that is her best friend name Apollo that is stray. Together they work on survived this cruel world by stealing from it. Getting enough to lived off because that way world is with her and avoid people such as family.

Pets:Bengal cat
Wand: (to be added once you get one)

RP how you got your letter: She was laying on the street sleeping when Apollo woke her up with meowing. She usually alert someone was coming or something was coming.She glance side to side. The cat rub up against her but she remark to Apollo. "I don't see anyone.It does not sound liked police are coming. Then it land on the ground a owl with a letter in it claws.

"Hmm? I wonder who be sending this goofy bird with piece of paper." She chuckle to herself and went about reading this strange letter that she been accept to the school of hogwart witchcraft. There as she was studying this letter that is and she might have steal a bit more money for her uniform and books. Just what she need to steal from other witches gold and such things. Just what she need to do and so it took sixteen year but she had enough gold for books and uniform.When this school start she hope that food is free.She has become some what a theft but what could one say but she was ready as the letter state for a bit of everything include the wand and such things.She let out groan at all it would take her while to steal plenty of gold to get the wand and everythings.She grumble to her cat she hope the food was free she would have hate to pay for that as well for this school. Apollo merrily meow and seemed to agree with her.
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Lily Evans

Lily Evans

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PostSubject: Re: Drusilla Tobias Forman   Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:03 am



Amazing Siggy from James <3 || By Me
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Drusilla Tobias Forman
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