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It's August 1, 1977! Hogwarts is still closed to everyone! We have blue skies and it's surprisingly warm. So everyone should go out and enjoy the nice fresh air while we still can. Shops will be open soon so students may purchase their supplies
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 The World From A Raven

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T.K. McIntee

T.K. McIntee

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PostSubject: The World From A Raven   Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:52 am

Picture of your character
Name: T.K. McIntee
11 (Almost 12)/Straight/Hogwarts Grounds Keeping Assistant and Student at Hogwarts

Family: T.K.'s family is deceased as well as those that were very close to him however he has been taken under Hagrid's wing and views him as a father figure.

Best Friends: The only friends T.K. ever had were Kathy and Dylan and they were both killed. He viewed them more as family than friends. It is hard to get to get close to T.K. due to the walls he built around himself; However anyone who would take the time to break down his barriers would find themselves a true friend who is extremely smart, brave, and actually very sweet rather than the rough and slightly weird demeanor he might give off. Not to say he isn't weird as he is a bit always keeping his wand up his sleeve or behind his ear whenever he isn't using it. He finds it difficult to love as he feels he brings bad things to others through caring for them as those he has loved have died. Rping to become his friend I feel would be the most fun to rp as it would take longer and would be more interesting due to the fact he really does care about others it's just that he is afraid to be hurt again by the loss of someone he grows close to. He wouldn't have a ton of best friends or anything but the ones he would have he would easily give his life for. The thing the thing that will set his best friends apart from his friends is that they're the ones that he won't be afraid to tell about the Thestrals too and they're also the only people he'll ever talk to about what happened to him growing up or at least the details of Kathy and Dylan's death. This would most likely not happen too often as it is something extremely personal to him and a fairly recent happening as well. T.K. is also very sweet and very caring when you get to know him. He's willing to lend a helping hand and is extremely adventurous with magic however he absolutely hates dark magic.

Friends: The only friends T.K. ever had were Kathy and Dylan and they were both killed. He viewed them more as family than friends. Friends might be a bit tricky as well because you're usually either his best friend or he doesn't necessarily talk to you as a friend more just as you're there. But he will have friends and the difference is they will not hear about how Dylan gave his life for him or that he held Kathy in his arms and watched the light leave her eyes. These are the people he more or less would talk about class with or talk to at the raven claw table during the feasts. Basically like this Seamus was a very good friend of Harry's and so was Neville: Never in a million years would Harry have told them about the horcruxes. That's sort of what friends are to him. He's comfortable around them and isn't afraid to show his true self to them however at the same time he isn't on the letting them know the details that pain him the most. He would however feel close enough to share the fact that there was a Dylan and a Kathy.

Notes on T.K.'s: He has secluded himself from society as he feels distanced and estranged as he never had the chance of a childhood that others had. Ever one that he ever even got remotely close to emotionally died which is hard on him. Not to mention being abandoned in London England when he was from Brooklyn was tough alone on him. He has a brooklyn accent to let you know as well and due to not having a home and him being the last of his bloodline stays year round at Hogwarts. He plays guitar which is one of the only things other than Dylan, Kathy, and Dylan's spell books that kept him happy during his many years living on the streets of London. He is a good character to RP with due to the fact you really don't what's he's thinking or doing and he's very weary of others dispute wanting nothing more than to be able to live like they do but once you've been through what he's been through you can't just 'go back'. A lot of the time you can't even tell if he likes you due to his secludedness and the barriers he's built around himself though he does really want to be able to be like the others while he still embraces certain uniquenesses of his. On the inside he's endearing, caring, brave, smart, and very sweet but you have to be dedicated to get there and you have to really care to find this. P.S. he likes Quidditch Though The Ages a book he grew up with so he's a bit interested in quid ditch despite not knowing a ton about it other than some history and the basic objectives. He also has an eidetic memory which didn't make him seem anymore normal. He is also a vegetarian viewing all life as sacred and sound a bit philosophical at times saying things that sound like they belong in a book. he wants to learn all there is to know as he values intelligence.

P.P.S. Please PM me or reply to this topic if you wish to thread with me Smile
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The World From A Raven
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