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It's August 1, 1977! Hogwarts is still closed to everyone! We have blue skies and it's surprisingly warm. So everyone should go out and enjoy the nice fresh air while we still can. Shops will be open soon so students may purchase their supplies
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 Rinnay "Rin" Lavine O'Riley

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Rinnay O'Riley

Rinnay O'Riley

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PostSubject: Rinnay "Rin" Lavine O'Riley   Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:31 am

Rinnay Lavine O'Riley

General Information

Full Name: Rinnay Lavine O'Riley
Nicknames: Rin, Snowy
Age: 17
Date of Birth: 1/3
Gender: Female
Orientation: Straight
House: Gryffindor
Year: 7th Year
Blood Status:
Play by: Hayley Williams


Hair Color: Red, but she has a love for hair charms, potions, and dyes
Eye Color: Deep Green
Height: 5'6"
Body Type: Average, slightly curvy, and pale
Distinguishing Markings: A scar on her upper thigh- she fell from a tree when she was 10 and fell onto a metal bench
Dress Style: Form-fitting tee-shirts, boot-cut jeans or skirts with tights.

Personal Description

Quirks: Seperates her food, constantly spins her pencils/wand, shakes her leg when sitting, and when she thinks she bites the tip of her thumb
Likes: Snow, being loud, spells, hair dye, anklets, adding things to her uniform, animals, and books
Dislikes: Snakes, Slytherins, ignorant, mean or self-centered people, Runes, being to warm, and 3-quarters sleeves
Strengths: Dueling, DADA, Defending people she loves, being loud, persuasion
Weaknesses: Runes, remembering to do homework, essays, distractions

Personal Information

Father: Jameson O'Riley- A stuck up Lawyer who hates hearing up, listening to, or seeing magic. He became very hateful towards Rin after he found out she was a witch and cared much less for her. He blames Rayanne for it and became distant from her.
Mother: Rayanne O'Riley- A Squib who gave up all forms of magic for her husband. She's a little loony(imagine a grown Luna Lovegood, but worse). Rin and her mom are very close though, even if she never told Rin about magic.
Brother: Corron- Killed when Rin was 10, he was 15, due to a prank-gone-wrong and got locked in a building that caught on fire. They'd been extremely close and Rin was lost without him.
Maryanne: Her grandmother. She was forbidden to see Maryanne by her dad because she is a muggle-born witch and her dad feared that this would cause Rin to get bad ideas, but Maryanne always wrote her. She lives in Rin's hometown, Dublin, where Rayanne goes back to live during Rin's 3rd year.
Personal History: Rin was born to her Father, Jameson and Mother, Rayanne, in Dublin, Ireland. She showed her mum's Irish side much more than her father's British. Her mother taught her the ways of a wican, while secretly praying she would one day get her Hogwarts letter. When Rin was 7 they moved to a small town near Whales, her fathers hometown. It didn't take long for Rin to start becoming out of hand, following in her brother's footsteps, because she loathed the new place, just like him. Her temper was intense, her brother was constantly trying to hide her magical outbursts. He was 12 at the time and, for his mothers sake, had turned down his admission to Hogwarts, preffering to live there with his sister and mum. When Rin turned 10 she fell into depression at her brother's death. It killed her inside. She became over-emotional. Flaring her magic everywhere when she was upset or mad, and with her brother not there to cover them up, her dad finally realized what was going on. A few months later when she turned ten, she recieved her letter. Her dad began hating her, and distancing himself from Rayanne. She convinced autorities Rayanne was crazy, and put her in an asylum. Rin managed to still get to Hogwarts, though.

Her mom & her mini barn owl; Edgin
Her miniature snow leopard: Seibyr
Seibyr was experimented on by wizards. She is intelligent and can aparate at will. Her breed that was made by wizards bonds to one person in a life time, and when Rin came across her, they bonded. She has multiple magic abilities, but they only affect her.

Wand: (to be added once you get one)

RP how you got your letter:

Sniffles could be heard from high up in a tree. The eleven year old red head had only just finished crying up in a weeping-willow tree, the place she often hid from her father. Rayanne, her mother and best friend, was out getting groceries, leaving Rin to get lectured, ranted at, and yelled at by her father. A new wave of tears came down her cheeks as she shook.
"M-Mummy!" She whined into her knees that were pulled up to her chest. She hugged her knees to her chest tightly. She felt her hair floating around her body and she raised her head.
"N-No... I'm not supposed to be... No..." She tried to smooth her hair down frantically. If her father saw her she'd get hurt.
"Hoot... hoo, hoot" Slowly she looked up from her frantic panicking. An owl sat perched on the branch in front of her.
"Is... is that a letter?" She murmured leaning forward and wiping her cheeks. The owl hooted once more and set the letter down in front of her. She reached out and took it, opening it slowly. She red it carefully, then reread it, and read it again.
"I'm.... I'm a witch?" She looked back up at the owl, "Is this for real?" She asked. the owl seemed to nod and she climbed to the tree, the lette rin her mouth. She took it out, holding it tightly in her hand as she raced to the back door of her house, and into her bedroom. She climbed onto her bed and sat cross-legged. Gently, she re-opened the letter and reread it.
"Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" she whispered. She pressed the letter to her chest and stared up at the ceiling, breathing in deeply.
"Finally" She whispered, "Finally I get out of here."
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James Potter
James Potter

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PostSubject: Re: Rinnay "Rin" Lavine O'Riley   Wed Nov 23, 2011 11:37 am



James || 17 || Lily I love you

I love you with all my heart and soul
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Rinnay "Rin" Lavine O'Riley
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